You were always good enough, it's time to feel good about you, in body and mind

We are here to thrive, not just survive - Maya Angelou

Choose YOU Not The Next Diet. Love How You Look And Feel. You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup!

Leanne Vandeligt

Design A Life You Love!

One rule I have learned to live my life by and teach to my client's is that if it doesn't help, make you feel good or is something that you can't sustain over the long term, then it can't be right for you.  Its time to find your energy, enjoy life, doing what feels good for you.  

You need real solutions for taking you from tired, hating yourself and stuck to overcoming your health struggles so that you can live your version of a happy and comfortable life.  Every body's vision is different and that is what all the one size fits all diets don't account for.  Some people loose the weight and are able to sustain it a lifetime because it fits their life, whilst others gain the weight back.  The reason is, it wasn't easy or fit their version of happy.

Why My Coaching Works?

In 30 years of coaching women, I've met alot of awesome women, but they didn't feel it, in fact they did not think they were good enough.  

When we are tired of giving all our energy to others, looking after everyone else, we can feel emotional, fatigued and flat.  We think that if we just lose weight or get healthier we will be better but in truth mindset matters - it is low vibes and low energy that causes you to feel unhealthy and unwell.

I am a top coach for fabulous midlife women, like yourself who want more energy, peace, health and confidence so you can be your best version and finally lose the weight, no more falling off the wagon.  I help you make your health a priority, no more guilt for looking after your self.  No more poor choices that don't serve you.  Its time to find your energy, enjoy life, doing what feels good for you.  

Love Leanne’s work, this is why she’s my Wellness Guide now.  Her VIP Program is so personal, sooooo good and so affordable. I thought I had this mindset stuff sorted, and in many areas of my business and life, I do. But this area? 

Oh this area... I’m tired of the preoccupation I have. 

The endless “solutions” I’ve tried. I want peace and simplicity. I’m learning to let go, to trust my body, my appetite, my needs. To throw out the “go hard or go home” attitude I have with exercise, the punishment mindset.  

Early days, but already loving the feeling.  I recommend getting in touch with Leanne Vandeligt NOW if you feel in any way similar.

Angela Raspass
The Well Woman VIP

I have really enjoyed our coaching sessions together and I’m truly grateful for all of your knowledge, time and passion in supporting me get to the bottom of some inner events!

I can certainly see how inner work is the key to staying focused on health goals. Being accountable works well for me and you’ve always been there when I’ve felt like I’m coming off the rails.

What I loved the most was the positive chats where you showed your knowledge and experience and offered it with support and encouragement- no judgment.

I felt like you were always rooting for me when I disclosed situations in my life. I felt stronger having someone in my corner.

. If it wasn’t for the coaching and conversations, I may not have kept moving forward to get to this point. 

Catherine Haigh
Well Woman VIP

You are soooo good at what you do! Your VIP and membership program always pulls me back on track, when I start to feel lost in the "I should be skinny, or starve myself, kind of nasty self-talk.

You have such a gift around what you do 

Faith Christiansen
Well Women VIP